Zachary Tatlock

Associate Professor (photo)
Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington

My goal is to help students become great computer scientists. In research, I work toward this goal with my students in the UW PLSE research group. In education, I work toward this goal by teaching courses on programming languages and related topics.

My expertise is rooted in formal verification, especially of compilers. As my students develop their own research vision, we branch out across diverse domains. Our work remains unified by themes of making it easier to write tricky code and figuring out how to ensure such programs are correct. We rigorously prove our results while building and measuring real systems1.


July 2023

🎯  Pavel and I are co-organizing FPTalks 2023.

June 2023

🗣️  Yihong is presenting egglog at PLDI 2023.

🗣️  Gus is presenting Lakeroad at PLARCH 2023.

🧰  Max and I are co-organizing EGRAPHS 2023.

🗣️  Oliver is giving the first egglog demo at EGRAPHS 2023.

🗣️  Yihong is giving a talk on tree automata at EGRAPHS 2023.

May 2023

⛰️  Anjali and I are co-organizing PNW PLSE 2023.

January 2023

🗣️  David is presenting babble at POPL 2023.

🧑‍🏫  James and I are co-teaching Grad PL (CSE 505).

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  1. My colleague Dan Grossman characterizes this combination of formalism and empiricism as “both Greek and graphs”.↩︎︎