PLSE at Allen School Colloquium

In October 2020, UW PLSE students led the Allen School Colloquium. Check out Max talking about our work on egg and Chandrakana showing off Szalinski’s ability to decompile 3D CAD designs to parameterized programs 🤩

egg e-graphs Website

Max pushed a new website for egg in September 2020. Check out the egg tutorial, use e-graphs to advance the state of the art in your domain, and get your project added to the growing list of pioneering users 🐣

madPL 2020

NSV 2020

Pavel and I gave an invited talk Towards Numerical Assistants on Herbie and FPBench at NSV in July 2020 (paper).

PLDI 2020

Chandrakana gave a great talk at PLDI in June 2020 on Szalinski from our paper Synthesizing Structured CAD Models with Equality Saturation and Inverse Transformations 👏

FPTalks 2020

In June 2020, Pavel and I organized FPTalks, an FPBench event for folks from across the floating point research community to come together and share their research and tools 🛠

ADA DTR 2020

Steven wrote, directed, and starred in a demo with the crew on Dynamic Tensor Rematerialization for the ADA Annual Symposium in May 2020 🕺

FACET Award 2020

I was honored to receive a Faculty Appreciation for Career, Education, and Training (FACET) Award from the UW College of Engineering in April 2020. Many thanks to the PLSE and SAMPL students for the nomination 🙏

Reincarnate I Am CSE

Chandrakana showed off her work on Reincarnate (ICFP 2018) to decompile triangle meshes to 3D CAD for a new I Am CSE video in March 2020.

egg Szalinski Firedrake 2020

Max and Chandrakana spoke at the Firedrake Workshop in February 2020 on egg and how its new, blazing fast congruence rebuilding helps Szalinski decompile flat constructive solid geometry expressions to parameterized 3D CAD programs 🐣

TVMConf Zachary Tatlock Relay Release 2019

I gave a talk on the TVM Relay release at the TVM Conference in December 2019. Major kudos to Jared and the whole crew behind Relay! I also got to chair the lightning talks, so many stellar contributions from our incredible community 🤝

Carpentry Compiler SIGGRAPH Asia 2019

Haisen gave a talk showing off our work on the Carpentry Compiler at SIGGRAPH Asia in November 2019 🛠

Theia SPLASH-E 2019

Josh gave a great talk on Theia, our tool for program state visualization, at OOPSLA SPLASH-E in October 2019.

Tenure 2019

I got tenure in September 2019 and am now an Associate Professor at the University of Washington 👨‍🏫

Galois Verdi 2018

I gave a talk at Galois on Verdi in September 2018. It’s always a blast to catch up with and learn from their razor sharp team!

VIP 2019

In July 2019 we held the first Verification in Practice event at UW, following Dan’s great ideas. The day was packed with industrial proof engineers and enthusiastic academics sharing tricks and getting into vigorous (but friendly!) debates 📣

DeepSpec Summer School 2018

I taught a short course on verifying distributed systems implementations in Coq during the DeepSpec Summer School at Princeton in July 2018; see the tutorials, exercises, slides and videos. Thanks to the participants and organizers for a spectacular event! 👨‍🏫

Coq Workshop 2018 Verdi

I gave an invited talk on verifying distributed systems at the Coq Workshop during FLOC 2018 in Oxford, July 2018.


In June 2018 I was honored to speak during PLMW @ PLDI. It was a great mentorship event for junior researchers in PL; many thanks to the wonderful participants and organizers!


I organized the PNW PLSE meeting for Spring 2018. If you hang out in the Pacific Northwest and are working in software engineering, programming languages, systems, or related areas stay tuned for future events!

CACM Neutrons 2017

A CACM article on “Hacker Proof Coding” reported on some of our work analyzing radiotherapy control software in August 2017.

Floating-point Dagstuhl 2017

In August 2017, Pavel and I participated in a Dagstuhl Seminar on Floating-point Programs with a bunch of our friends and visited Eva at MPI-SWS to present on Herbie, Herbgrind, and FPBench. Check out the talks!

Konstantin Weitz and Zachary Tatlock Graduation

Konstantin (my first PhD student!) graduated in June 2017 🎓   Having ascended, Konne is going off to bring his wizardly mastery of networks and formal methods to bear at Google.

SNAPL 2017

Had a blast at SNAPL in May 2017 catching up with folks and discussing new, big ideas in PL research!

James presented our paper on early ideas for “horizontal composition” of verified distributed systems components.

Chandrakana presented our paper on early ideas for exploring the intersection of PL and fabrication.

Herbie Utah Talk 2017

In February 2017, I gave a talk at Utah on Herbie, Herbgrind, and FPBench. Great to sync up with the Utes and try cross country skiing with Ryan!

Roboflow Demo

In May 2016 we put together a demo of our work on the RoboFlow visual programming language 🤖

Neutrons I Am CSE

Emina and I talked about our work analyzing radiotherapy control software for an I Am CSE video in March 2016 ☢

UCSD Holiday Sketch 2014

I got to make a guest appearance in an inspirational ad as part of UCSD’s Holiday Party in December 2014. Ed noticed 🎬